3 Things to Consider When Building a Rooftop Playground

3 Things to Consider When Building a Rooftop Playground
1/7/2017 11:05:31 AM

You probably already know that No Fault Safety Tiles are great for small playground areas. It turns out they’re also great for rooftop playgrounds.

considerations for rooftop playgrounds


Would anyone want a playground on the roof? Sure, why not! The Los Angeles Times reports that changes in local fire regulations and building codes have made rooftop recreational areas more feasible for urban dwellers. And in crowded urban areas in England, school administrators are getting creative with the limited space they have for pupils to learn and play in. This includes developing rooftop playgrounds, freeing up outdoor space for mobile classrooms and building extensions.

Architects, schools and homeowners are making the most of the areas they have available to them, and No Fault Sport Group has the playground surfacing expertise to make their creative visions a reality.

Aside from ensuring compliance with local building codes, design considerations include making sure the rooftop areas can support additional weight, they have sufficient drainage, and they can withstand sun and wind exposure. There are a few more things to think about when choosing the right surfacing material.

Here are three of the big ones:

Make sure your flooring goes over an appropriate surface and that installation doesn’t harm the roof underneath.

No Fault Safety Tile is shock-absorbing and resilient and may be installed outdoors over existing asphalt or concrete surfaces or over a new asphalt, concrete, or compacted aggregate base.No Fault Safety Tiles can be installed using a variety of installation methods, but for rooftop playgrounds, we recommend using the No Fault 4-Corner Lock System, in which tiles are attached to a connector below the tiles and not the roof itself. This minimizes damage to the tiles and ensures the quality of the roof remains unaltered. First, four tiles are adhered to the 4-Corner Lock gird connector, eliminating potential damage to the sub-base or roof membrane. Groups of four tiles are then placed next to each other with the only required adhesive to the sub-base being on the perimeter of the surface.

The result is substantially less adhesive as well as the ease of being able to replaced single tiles without sub base damage. This system offers added stability and ease of installation and maintenance.

Make sure your rooftop surfacing product is easy to maintain. 

In addition to providing a clean, safe alternative the dense recycled rubber composition of No Fault Safety Tiles makes our product virtually maintenance free. Our tiles also allow for water drainage. The superior design of our tiles, in combination with the connector system, ensures that water will quickly reach the roof surface and flow to drains, avoiding ponding and enabling easy maintenance.

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Make sure your rooftop playground is ADA Compliant. 

All No Fault tiles comply with, meet or exceed all requirements set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM), and Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) for manufactured Safety Surfaces. No Fault also offers matching components for transitions, corners and ADA accessibility. In addition to ADA compliance, you’ll need to make sure your rooftop play area adheres to local building codes. For example, No Fault Safety Tiles come in 2.25” to 3.75” thick versions. You may need to make sure your railing height is sufficient after raising the height of the flooring.


No Fault has served the country in the sports and play surfacing industry for more than four decades. During that time, we have installed our products in just about every climate and location imaginable. We expect, demand, and deliver the highest quality and performance standards of all our materials and workmanship.

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