Answers to Your Questions About Rubber Mulch

Answers to Your Questions About Rubber Mulch
12/8/2016 8:30:04 AM
In landscaping and playground applications, wood mulch has long been popular because it’s a natural product and because it’s inexpensive.

But when schools, parks and facilities managers realize that "natural” wood mulch isn’t all that natural and that the cost of replacing wood chips year after year isn’t all that cheap, they take a look at rubber mulch.

We’ve heard their questions. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing that perfect surface for your needs.

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What is rubber mulch?
No Fault Rubber Mulch is a recycled rubber material alternative to pea gravel, wood mulch and other loose-fill products.

What is it used for?
Your imagination is the limit. Our loose fill rubber mulch is often found on playgrounds and in parks. It’s popular for landscaping, walking paths, around trees, on baseball fields and along horse trails.

What’s it made from?

Our mulch is a 100% post-consumer recycled rubber derived from recycled tires. It’s then processed down into "nuggets” of rubber mulch. Because it doesn’t support microbial growth, it’s sanitary and non-toxic.

So it’s safe for children?

Yes! No Fault Rubber Mulch is non-toxic. Unlike most traditional wood chips, it doesn’t contain a chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treatment, which poses a potential environmental hazard.

Will rubber mulch last?
Because it does not decompose, rubber mulch has a much longer life span than wood mulch. No Fault Rubber Mulch is safely colored with UV protectors and guaranteed against fading for 10 to 12 years.

Is it compatible with plants?
Absolutely! Since rubber mulch is permeable, moisture and nutrients filter through to the soil underneath. No Fault Rubber Mulch also insulates from sun and heat, improving plant stability and root growth. By comparison, wood mulch actually absorbs moisture before it has a chance to reach the soil. Wood mulch can also generate heat and acids that can burn plant roots.

Can I choose a different color?
Yes! With a variety of color options available, landscapers and playground designers all over America have created beautiful areas suitable for active play or simply for aesthetic enjoyment.

What kind of maintenance does rubber mulch require?
Rubber mulch nuggets are durable. Ongoing maintenance is limited to raking material back into place around high traffic areas. Surfaces should be cleaned (rinsed with water) routinely to prevent the dust build up. Rinsing can occur naturally with rain water or with a garden hose if needed.

What do I do about pet waste?

Pet waste can filter through rubber mulch to the soil underneath. We recommend using a spray hose to remove urine and solid waste.

How popular is rubber mulch?
No Fault has sold over 15 million pounds of rubber products in all forms, and with clients ranging from charter schools to collegiate sports facilities. Our recycled rubber surfacing products are trusted by businesses of all sizes.



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