How No Fault Helps Build Inclusive Playgrounds

How No Fault Helps Build Inclusive Playgrounds
10/25/2016 8:30:48 AM

Inclusive Playgrounds for Children with Disabilities

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designing playgrounds for children with disabilities

Inclusive Playgrounds depend on No Fault Safety Surface

One of the human rights that the international community has vowed to protect is the right of access to physical education and sports to all children. This became a human rights issue because physical activity positively influences the development of a child’s cognitive skills, personality and other skills vital to human development. Just as playgrounds are an important part of early childhood development, exclusion from play can bring about feelings of rejection and frustration, in addition to the possibility of cognitive or emotional/social delays.


As written into the International Charter of Physical Education and Sport: "The freedom to develop physical, intellectual and moral powers through physical education and sport must be guaranteed.”

The Charter goes on to advise that special accommodations must be made available for the young who are not non-disabled ‘to develop their personalities to the fullest through physical education and sport programs suited to their requirements.’


Although the International Charter, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and similar national and international policies have dictated the requirements on parks and playgrounds for decades, reports show that exercise among children with disabilities is low when compared to their non-disabled counterparts. Such reports are alarming, especially because patterns of inactivity among children are associated with obesity, depression and other health issues that can be carried into adulthood.


We Can Help

No Fault Sport Group is dedicated to helping you make sure your playgrounds are inclusive and safe. We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to help you design inclusive playgrounds accessible to both disabled and non-disabled children.


One of our most popular products is our No Fault Safety Surface, which combines TPV/EPDM rubber granules with a layer of rubber bound together and poured in place on-site. The result is a perfect cushion for hard surfaces, absorbing shock and protecting children when they fall. For those using alternative means of mobility, No Fault Safety Surface can be made completely ADA-accessible.


Our poured-in-place surfacing products come in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors. They also give children in wheelchairs the smooth surface they need to get around easily while on the playground.

inclusive playground design

Children Rely on No Fault Safety Surface



Other No Fault products include No Fault Loose-Fill Rubber Mulch and No Fault Bonded Rubber Mulch, which is a combination of shredded rubber mulch blended with polyurethane adhesive. The product is ideal for both commercial and residential playgrounds. It is nontoxic, fade-resistant and can even be used in decorating landscapes.

No Fault Loose-Fill Rubber Mulch is a safe option, and it looks fantastic!

playground design for disabled kids

Field of Dreams: No Fault Bonded Rubber Mulch

For more information about developing an inclusive environment for all children, contact No Fault Sport Group (toll free) at 866-637-7678. Also, check out these tips (PDF) from Child Action, Inc. Additional reading is available here (link to a brochure on inclusive play from Landscape Structures Inc.).

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