How Outdoor Games Help Kids in the Classroom

How Outdoor Games Help Kids in the Classroom
9/27/2016 3:28:01 PM

How Playtime Affects Classroom Time



For years, playtime and study time were seen as unrelated, separate, and maybe even incompatible. But now we understand that unstructured outdoor play can have a profound effect on a child's performance in the classroom.

Here, we’ve compiled a summary of the in-classroom benefits of outdoor play.

Social Skills

Outdoor play can help children to be more effective in the social classroom dynamic. It builds confidence as kids take risks and earn small victories with each new adventure. On the playground, children learn to work as a team, solving problems and interacting in a positive and helpful way with their peers. These skills will help them when they’re back in class and later in life, when they’re collaborating with friends and coworkers.

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Memory and Brain Function

Science tells us that physical activity helps spur brain function, cognitive abilities, and memory in children.

A 2014 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed that children who took part in physical activity showed improvements in cognitive flexibility and brain function over kids who were more sedentary.

Children also pay better attention to academic material after having been allowed a break to play. The more unstructured the play time is (with playground recess being more unstructured than physical education classes), the greater the benefit to the child.

It’s easy to encourage safer, more stimulating outdoor play further with No Fault Rubber Turf on your outdoor playground. It’s made from the highest quality shredded EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber mixed with premium polyurethane binder to provide a porous, seamless safety surface. EPDM is clean, man-made rubber that is the most durable component of any Playground Safety Surface System.

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No Fault Rubber Turf

Water Play is Beneficial

It turns out that water play is also a beneficial outdoor activity for kids. Interacting with sprays and water jets gives them a better understanding of the physical world around them. Water play also enhances social skills like cooperation and sharing.

Of course, slippery surfaces can pose dangers, which is why No Fault Safety Surface for Water Play can make your water play environment as safe as possible. Our Surface for Water Play is manufactured on-site in multiple color options and can be installed with custom inlaid graphic designs, making it the perfect play surface for pool decks, splash pads and themed settings.

No Fault Safety Surface for Water Play is designed for barefoot play and is comprised of the highest quality TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) rubber granules blended with a polyurethane binder. This material is designed for high-intensity, active play that has been shown to improve focus and minimize distractions.

Indeed, a University of Illinois study showed that children diagnosed with ADHD who regularly play in colorful outdoor environments and water play areas experience milder symptoms than those playing in sterile indoor or built-up outdoor areas. These environments can always be made safer and more stimulating for children by using No Fault Safety Surface and other products.


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No Fault Safety Surface installed poolside in Orlando, FL


Final Words

Important benefits of outdoor play include the development of the essential executive functioning skills that are so crucial to in the classroom and in life in general. Outdoor play time is an important part of a child's development, and there is no doubting the positive contribution it can make in their academic and social performance.

No Fault Sport Group offers a variety of rubber surfaces, including loose-fill and bonded rubber mulch, safety tiles, rubber turf and water play surfaces that provide safety and comfort to children and peace of mind to their parents. Give No Fault a call today @ 866-637-7678 to learn more.

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