How Playground Design Enhances Child Development

How Playground Design Enhances Child Development
11/21/2016 5:54:00 AM

No Fault Safety Surface

The best playgrounds provide a safe environment for children to play and learn. However, through smart design a playground can be much more than just a place to give parents a break while their children work off all that pent-up energy.

A well-designed playground will contribute to more than just the physical development of the child. The colors, structures, patterns and overall design of the space will also serve to enhance mental, social and cognitive developments. With so many children bound to desks, tablets, and phones or stuck in front of television and computer screens these days, these activities and appropriate equipment should feature strongly in effective playground design.

How can playground design enhance child development?

It might be something like a climbing feature that strengthens hand-eye coordination and decision-making, in addition to growing muscles. With proper playground surface protection, the risks of injury from falling can be minimized.

No Fault Rubber Turf

Playground equipment areas can also be protected with a safe, rubber surface like our No Fault Safety Tiles, which provide a clean and safe alternative to wood mulch, sand or gravel.

No Fault Safety Tiles

Play houses stimulate the joy of discovery and create the perfect environment for games like the popular hide-and-seek; water and sand fosters imaginative, educational play that can be enhanced with a slip-resistant, poured-in-place rubber surface for indoor and outdoor splash pads, walkways and poolside areas (see No Fault Safety Surface for Water Play).

No Fault Safety Surface for Water Play

Combining the Elements

An effective playground design strikes a balance between the equipment and activities they facilitate. It needs to be safe, but not boring. There has to be excitement and challenge, which in turn will maximize the potential for physical, social and cognitive development.

It is clear to see how effective playground design contributes to child development in more than just a physical sense when the body/mind connection is stimulated.

Make your playground as safe and attractive as it can be, and the children who come there will learn to cooperate with one another. They’ll develop self-confidence. They’ll learn new ways to think about the world around them. Furthermore, this learning experience is enhanced with the wide range of rubber playground safety surfacing from No Fault Sport Group including poured-in-place rubber surface, rubber safety tiles, rubber mulch (loose-fill and bonded), rubber turf, timbers, and slip-resistant water play surfacing.

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