Is Rubber Mulch Safe?

Is Rubber Mulch Safe?
11/5/2014 1:43:37 PM
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The answer to that question is an unqualified "yes." Rubber mulch is safe both for the environment and for use as a playground surface.

Rubber Mulch is Safe for the Environment

The following three scientific research studies attest to the fact that rubber mulch is environmentally safe.

In 2008, the EPA conducted studies on playgrounds and concluded that use of recycled rubber products such as rubber mulch proved non-hazardous and environmentally safe.

A study sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturers Association in 2013 found "no adverse human health or ecological health effects are likely to result from these beneficial reuses of tire materials."

Similarly, Cardno ChemRisk, a company that provides environmental risk assessments, found that use of rubber mulch on playgrounds caused no adverse human health or ecological health effects.

In fact, as many as 100 state-level studies reached the same conclusion: Recycled rubber poses no significant health or environmental risk.

Add to that the fact that, thanks to rubber recycling, 290 million tires are removed from scrap yards, rivers, lakes, and landfills every year.

No Fault Rubber Mulch is an environmentally sustainable product that is non-toxic and is the safest loose fill playground surface available. Unlike traditional wood chips, it does not create dust, promote microbial growth, mildew, rot, absorb water, or attract insects.

Rubber Mulch is Safe for Children

Not only is rubber mulch good for the environment, it is also safe for children.

According to, falls are the most common type of playground injury, accounting for more than 75 percent of all playground-related injuries. Head traumas, the most dangerous type of playground injury, are frequently caused by a fall to the surface.

Surfaces such as grass, dirt, and asphalt do not have the impact absorbing characteristics to be considered safe for playground use.

Conversely, rubber mulch is shown to be more protective in preventing serious head injury compared to other types of surfaces such as those listed above, as well as surfaces consisting of pea gravel, sand and wood chips.

Our rubber mulch product is ASTM F-1292 compliant, which means it offers superior protection against head injuries that result from falls.

As well as being safe, playground surfaces should be firm enough to meet Americans with Disability Act requirements, which means it must offer easy mobility for children in wheelchairs.

Because they are not accessible, surfaces such as wood chips, sand, and pea stone are not appropriate to use on playgrounds, according to ADA. By contrast, our rubber mulch surface is.

At No Fault, each of our safety surfaces are designed with the health and safety of children in mind. That’s why we can say with complete confidence that, yes, rubber mulch is safe, both for the environment and our kids.

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