No Fault Combines Creativity and Safety in its Playground Rubber Safety Surfaces

No Fault Combines Creativity and Safety in its Playground Rubber Safety Surfaces
9/10/2014 12:00:00 PM
Safety Surface

No Fault has designed rubber safety surfaces for playgrounds across the country including theme parks, municipalities, schools, and Indian reservations.

Our colorful designs, created by national account manager and talented graphic designer Beth Johnson, are customized to match the needs and desires of every client.

Many times, architects will present a design, which we implement. In other scenarios, we are presented a blank canvas to work with. Conversation and ideas with the sales rep and the customer lead to a spectrum of simplistic to complex outcomes.

Our team puts its collective heads together and, if the designs you see on our Facebook Page, Pinterest boards, videos, or email newsletters are any indication, we usually hit it out of the park (or should we say playground). The poured-in-place rubber safety surfaces help our clients realize designs no other surface can achieve.

Safety is Our Most Important Concern

As exciting as our designs are, the issue of greatest importance - and the reason we are in business - is to protect the children who play on them.

In the United States alone, playground-related injuries send more than 156,000 children to the emergency room every year, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). Include doctor visits outside the ER and the number rises to 500,000 injuries.

Approximately 79% of these injuries result from falls to a playground surface, and that's where we come in. (We have children of our own whose safety we value, so it stands to reason we want to protect your children, too.)

The type of surface on the playground is the most important factor in the number and severity of injuries due to falls, said AAOS.

Our rubber playground surfaces, which are comprised of a unique combination of EPDM/TPV rubber granules and a cushion layer of shredded recycled rubber tires, provides critical fall height protection for children on playgrounds. The shock absorption helps disperse momentum from falls, reducing the risk of life-threatening injuries.



Children go to a playground to have fun. For parents, teachers, school board members, and parks and recreation staffers, the primary concern is safety.

Our creative designs combined with professionally-installed rubber playground surfaces meet the needs of both groups.

Contact us to learn more about how our playground safety surfaces can add aesthetic value and protect your kids, or download this brochure.
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