No Fault Sport Group Safety Surface Installation Process

No Fault Sport Group Safety Surface Installation Process
10/23/2014 2:09:12 PM

No Fault Sport Group is the originator of the poured-in-place (PIP) playground surface in the United States.

Due to its resilience, accessibility, and shock absorbency, our PIP safety surfaces have become the standard for use in playgrounds, theme parks, jogging tracks, sports and recreation areas, and water play areas, just to name a few.

We follow a proven installation process that includes a cushion layer composed of recycled tire rubber and a decorative wear course layer made of EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) or TPV (Thermal Plastic Vulcanized) that comes in a variety of colors.

The cushion layer and wear course layers are held together by a 100% polyurethane binding agent and can be installed over a crushed stone, asphalt, or concrete sub-base.

A cushion layer is combined with the binding agent at specific ratios in a mortar mixer and poured onto the pad. It is troweled into place by hand using a screed rod as a guide producing a resilient, seamless rubber surface with a consistent depth throughout.

This surface is designed to provide critical fall height protection for children on playgrounds. (Fall height is the vertical distance between the highest designated play surface and a piece of playground equipment and the protective surface beneath it.)

Surface depth is determined by fall height. For instance, a 4 footfall height requires a surface depth of 1.75 inches while a 12 foot height requires 6.5 inches.

Depending on the size of the project, the cushion layer is allowed to dry before installing the wear course.

Once the cushion layer dries, the wear course granules are then mixed with specific amounts of binder and applied with screed rods and trowels. The wear course is generally allowed to dry at least 48 hours before allowing foot traffic.

The result is a highly durable, accessible, slip resistant surface that provides cushioned comfort in an array of colors and designs.

YouTube video showing installing process:

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