Saf Dek

No Fault Saf Dek

SAF DEK Playground Surfacing

SAF DEK™ playground surface was developed by David Brantley in the 1980’s, setting the industry standard for quality and service as the premier name associated with "poured-in-place” safety surfacing. In the early 1990’s, the rights to the SAF DEK™ brand, marks and formulas were sold to a company that eventually became Pathway Surfaces, Inc. (PSI). However, in August 2008, we re-acquired the brand, marks and formulas following the recent bankruptcy of PSI.

We now are pleased to announce that SAF DEK™ is back in the hands of its original developer and the founder of No Fault™. No Fault™ is one of the oldest premier companies in the sport and recreational industry, dating back to 1974.

While No Fault Sport Group, LLC is in no way associated with or responsible for any of the products or business operations of PSI, we will be happy to assist you with any of your service or maintenance needs.

It is our desire at No Fault™ to return SAF DEK™ to its position as one of the leading playground safety surfaces in the recreation industry. Please call 866-NF-SPORT if we can assist you with any new or existing surfacing needs.



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