This project was a BIG DREAM come true!  Marine Park in the City of Blaine, Washington now has the most awesome playground complete with a sailing ship, sharks circling within the poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing, climbing boulders, a lighthouse featuring historical images, and is right on the water overlooking White Rock, British Columbia!  No Fault Sport Group partnered with Buell Recreation to provide our No Fault Safety Surface for this fun, maritime- themed project!

Tina Frey with Buell Recreation spoke with Alex Wenger, Community Planner with Community Development Services at the City of Blaine to get his comments.  Alex stated, “The project has really exceeded our expectations.  Looking at the design on paper really doesn’t compare to standing on a full-sized ship or climbing the lighthouse and looking out at the water.  We’re really looking forward to our first summer with the new play structures.  Even during the winter months, the playground has experienced a lot of use.  The poured-in-place rubber surfacing material really set the whole playground off in a wonderful way.  The blue water-colored surfacing surrounding the climbing rocks and sailing ship brings the whole project together, and everyone loves the sharks and fish circling around the ship!  The feel and texture of the rubber surfacing is really cool to experience under your feet, and adds a ton of play value compared to standard wood chips.  It is also much easier for strollers and wheelchairs to get around, and it drains great and cleans up nicely.”


Alex also stated, “Another aspect that came out really well was the full panel images provided by BCI Burke.  There are six full-size image panels on both the ship and lighthouse structures that display digitally enhanced historic photos from the Whatcom Museum displaying Blaine’s maritime past.  Each panel includes a description and write-up by local historian, Marjorie Reichhardt.  The result is a fun way for both kids and parents to learn about the city’s history turning the playground into a mini-museum with slides!  The project also required a big effort to raise private funding, and there are 7 different types of sea life plaques to honor the individual donors that contributed over $85,000 in donations.  The sea life plaques were created using a hand carved wooden mold, then poured in bronze and engraved with the donor’s name.  Placed on a turquoise stained concrete wall that holds up the gangway to access the ship, the sea life donation wall creates a nice effect as the backdrop to the ship and blue rubber safety surfacing that the kids can go right up to and explore.”


It was a proud moment for the City of Blaine during the grand opening celebration that made the 2-plus year project worth every penny.  The community has worked hard to see their vision realized, and the children who visit will have trouble leaving this magical place!