No Fault partnered with Leathers & Associates to provide and install our No Fault Safety Surface for Caribou CommUNITY Playground in Soda Springs, Idaho.  Laura Lind and Georgia Brown with Friends of the Soda Springs City Park are exemplar roles models for mothers with disabled children.  They worked tirelessly for several years to raise funds for this 9,000 square foot “all-inclusive play area” for children of all ages and abilities!

We asked Georgia Brown to give us more information about this amazing project.  Georgia stated,

“Laura and I met at a gymnastic lesson, and we both commented on how Soda Springs needed a playground that was appropriate for all ages and abilities. At the time, we both had babies that were almost two years old that couldn’t play on the playgrounds here because they were not appropriate. We had both observed a child in our community who had prosthetic legs, and had to have surgery right before the summer two years in a row.  He was wheelchair bound for most of the summer, not able to play on the playgrounds, and sat on the side while his siblings and cousins played. This tugged on my heart strings.

Children with special needs have always been an important part of my life. My mom was a special education teacher for all of my elementary school grades. She taught me at a very young age how special everyone is regardless of their abilities. As a parent, you never know if you will need an all abilities playground. Something could happen at any moment to anyone in your family, and a playground for all ages and abilities would be invaluable.”

Both Georgia and Laura were on a mission to build an all-inclusive playground in their community, but they had a long way to go.  They tried for five months to get umbrellaed under numerous organizations, but because of the large budget required for this project, no one wanted to take them on.  Thankfully, Laura was able to get a “501c3” (approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization) fairly quickly.  At that point, tons of fundraisers fell into their laps, and they remained busy raising money for two full years!  Georgia said,

Laura Lind did a wonderful job writing grants, and secured almost all of them! The amount of support from our 3,000 population community was amazing.  There were very few households that didn’t support our project monetarily in one way or another. It truly brought our community together to accomplish something positive. Most of our city council and other prominent members of the community came out to help during the build, as well as many prominent business owners.

When designing the playground, our dream was always to have poured-in-place rubber because…..honestly without it, the playground would not be completely accessible for those in wheelchairs. No Fault made it possible for us to afford it! We are very grateful and relieved that this project is complete and available for all the children who are from this area, or pass through our community.  The No Fault flooring is incredible!  Out of all the stress that our build and equipment brought, No Fault was very kind, flexible, and understanding of our situation. I think if you asked anyone on our committee if they would recommend No Fault, it would be an immediate ‘yes’!

Laura Lind was also very appreciative of our work and mentioned, “Thank you so much for all your effort on our behalf! Your crew did a fantastic job! Each one was very friendly and professional at the same time. Each time I stopped by, the crew always greeted me with a smile and a hello and answered my questions. They kept the site very clean and provided an overall good experience for us, and the surfacing looks wonderful!  We have had absolutely wonderful customer service from everyone at No Fault, and will recommend them to other playground builds!

The Mayor for the City of Soda Springs, Austin Robinson, was very happy with how this playground project turned out. He mentioned that the project has been well received by the public, and he was pleased with the finished surfacing which was very comfortable under his feet.  He is grateful for the quality surfacing installed by No Fault.

For more information on how No Fault can help you design an all-inclusive playground with our rubber safety surfacing, contact one of our friendly sales associates at 1- 866-NFSPORT (637-7678), or visit our website at