Mary’s Magical Place is an all-inclusive playground designed to accommodate children and adults of all ages and abilities, including those in wheelchairs.  The park was built in memory of Mary Elizabeth McAuley, who passed away in September 2015 at the age of 14 due to complications from cerebral palsy.  Everyone who knew Mary said she had a magical smile, and even though she never spoke a word, she touched the lives of many people.  Through the coordinated efforts of the entire community, enough funds were raised to honor Mary’s life with this new, accessible play area.



No Fault was honored to partner with Recreational Concepts for this amazing project.  They provided state-of-the-art playground equipment for children of all ages and abilities, while we provided our No Fault Safety Surface to ensure the playground was safe, slip resistant, and easy to maneuver for both children and adults who use mobility devices.  Because wheelchairs cannot easily pass through loose fill surfaces such as pea gravel and mulch, playgrounds that include these surfaces are not easily accessible and inclusive for all children.  That is why a seamless, flat surface such as poured-in-place rubber was the obvious choice.

Mary’s Magical Place includes various pieces of equipment designed to challenge children’s social, cognitive, and physical abilities while promoting fun, inclusive play for all. There are even pieces of equipment designed for children in wheelchairs allowing them to play without ever having to leave their chair! The surface and layout of the playground not only provides the opportunity for children with physical challenges to participate in the fun, but also provides an area where parents using mobility devices can bring their children and participate in the play.

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No Fault can help you design a playground that is inclusive for children and adults of all abilities. We can connect you with our network of playground equipment reps throughout the country who can provide product information on adaptive swings for children with special needs, elevated sandboxes for children who cannot play on the ground, inclusive spinners, and much more!

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