No Fault worked with Tiffany Polzin of Play Pros of Kentucky & Indiana on this very special playground project at Promenade Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This playground is part of a riverfront development and features a fully accessible play area for children of all abilities.  Play Pros provided and installed Landscape Structures play equipment, and we provided No Fault Safety Surface to make the playground safe and easy to access for children and adults using mobility devices.

Fort Wayne is known as the City that was founded on “Three Rivers”, since there are three major rivers running through it – St. Mary’s River, St. Joseph River and Maumee River.  The new accessible playground is located along the banks of the St. Mary’s River. The City wanted something modern, able to withstand flood waters, and easy to clean since it is in the flood plain near the river.  That is why you see a lot of metal, including the stainless-steel slides coming from the tree walk.

The hills were built into the topography to allow wheelchair access to the playground and to the tree walk above where the playground equipment attaches.



They wanted the colors to correspond with the tree walk and the surrounding areas. The blue color makes it look like a river with green colored banks representing grass. They also chose these colors because they complement the equipment, and could be easily cleaned if the playground floods.



Something else to note… Even though a lot of the equipment is for able-bodied children, they wanted to cater to wheelchair users as well. The Rhapsody pieces are placed at the entrance to the playground for easy access for wheelchairs. The Global Motion is also a wheelchair transfer friendly piece. There are openings that are wheelchair transfer height that would allow a child to transfer out of a wheelchair and inside the spinner.  The ropes provide back support so they can play inside with their friends.



Do you have a park or school playground that you’d like to make accessible to both able-bodied children and children with disabilities?  No Fault can help!  Contact us today so we can help you choose the right rubber safety surfacing to help children access the playground and maneuver easily while playing.  We work with playground equipment Reps all throughout the country that can provide equipment for children with special needs while we provide the right rubber safety surfacing according to your needs.