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Simplify Safety Surfacing with Sourcewell

As a National Cooperative government partner, Sourcewell simplifies the purchasing process for you. Contracts are bid at the manufacturer level and awarded locally—supporting the local economy!

Sourcewell completes the work for you through No Fault’s contract—the only account directly held by a surfacing manufacturer—so you can easily satisfy local bid requirements with confidence.

Perks of Being a Sourcewell Member

Membership is free with no obligation, cost, or liability.

  • Streamline the procurement process
  • Avoid time-consuming process of establishing bid documents and waiting for responses
  • Feel comfortable knowing you are working with a government agency with public employees
  • Reduce protests by competing companies
  • Establish the paper trail between the member and Sourcewell, justifying the purchasing decision

Sourcewell Membership Eligibility

Look through the organizations listed below to see if you qualify for membership with Sourcewell.

  • State and local government entities – cities, counties, water districts, and Native American tribes
  • Public and private education – K-12, special education districts, charter schools, higher education
  • Tax-exempt non-profit organizations – hospitals and nursing homes, rural power cooperatives, housing authorities, and member associations and cooperatives

How to Become a Member

Playground equipment and recreational products are available to Sourcewell members under contract #010521-LTS.

Learn More

For more information on how Sourcewell can help you, reach out to a No Fault team member today!