Incorporate Playgrounds into Summer Adventures!

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School’s out, it’s hot, and unless there’s a family vacation or summer camp in the plans, summer means a lot of sitting around the house.

Getting kids to play outside during the summer can be a challenge. Face it—who can blame them for not wanting to get out of the air conditioning?

But playgrounds are just as important for kids this summer just as much as they are the rest of the year.

Here are a few suggestions to get your kids excited about heading to the playground instead of plopping down on the couch over the next couple of months.

  1. Get them to round up a few friends to come along. Structured games need a few others to join in, and unstructured play is always better with a large cast of characters. The more the merrier!
  2. Bring along healthy refreshments. Make an outing of it by packing a picnic with things like baby carrots, healthy snack bars, and fresh fruit.
  3. Bring things for the kids to enjoy in the shade. Break up the activity with cooldown time. Things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and art materials are great when a break is needed from climbing on playground equipment in the sun.

Find Playground and Parks Programs for Kids

For parents, summer camps can be budget breakers. That’s why many cities offer free and low-cost alternative programs for children during the summer. Many of them happen at your local park or playground!

“Summer Playground Programs” around the country give kids a chance to participate in fun, supervised activities during the hot summer months.

Activities typically include:

  • Board games
  • Sports
  • Playground time (of course!)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Teamwork and character building
  • Fitness and nutrition lessons

Many of these programs even have field trips that include activities such as fishing, swimming, movies, and museum visits.

Summer Playground Programs give kids an opportunity to make new friends, stay active, learn new things and get some exercise. Here are just a few of the cities that host summer activities.

Austin, TX

Little Rock, AR

Superior, WI

Pittsfield, MA

Albuquerque, NM

Tacoma, WA

If you don’t see one near you, just Google “Summer Playground Programs” and you’re likely to find something.

Don’t Take Shortcuts on Safety

What’s another way to make the playground a part of this summer’s fun?  Staying safe, of course!

Summer safety means staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and checking equipment before playtime to ensure that it’s free from damage and anything else that could be a hazard. For example, make sure there are no splinters on wooden equipment. Make sure the metal slides haven’t gotten too hot in the summer sun. If possible, schedule your playground visits for earlier in the day, before the equipment heats up.

Most importantly, make sure areas where kids are prone to falls are protected with the safety surface needed.  No Fault Safety Surface, for example, is the perfect shock-absorbing cover to ensure safety around playground swings and climbing features, and No Fault Safety Surface for Water Play is ideal for splash pad surfaces, and pool decks.

Speaking of pools, if your kids’ summer routine includes splashing around, make sure you’re keeping the life jackets nearby, check the pool depth before allowing kids to dive, and make sure water play is supervised.

Why Playgrounds Were Made For Summer

During the school year, recess is the only time some kids get to spend on their local playground. But remember—unstructured play gives kids the space they need to really grow, to discover how fun life can be, and recharge before the next school year begins. This kind of learning doesn’t take a break just because school is out.

Your kids will look back on this summer for the rest of their lives. Without school, there is more time to build memories, to de-stress, and to play without “rules.” This time is important for them. They need to be able to make their own rules for a while, and playgrounds are the natural location for this kind of personal development.

Movies, TV, and video games are no match for a day of sunshine at the playground. When they’re playing, kids are using their bodies and their minds to learn and to grow. So don’t let the heat keep your kids indoors this summer!

No Fault’s slogan is “safe play means safe surfacing!”  Contact us today to discuss our playground surfacing options which include poured-in-place rubber surface, rubber tiles, bonded and loose-fill rubber mulch, and synthetic play turf.  Our No Fault team is ready to assist you!

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