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No Fault Project Spotlight – Hewlett-Woodmere School District Playgrounds, New York

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Three public schools in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District wanted new playgrounds for quite some time, and thanks to the partnership of Little Tikes Commercial New York and No Fault, their dreams have come true!

Franklin Early Childhood Center, Hewlett, New York

Craig John, Little Tikes Commercial New York, mentioned that the administrators at Franklin Early Childhood Center were hoping for a zoo/nature theme for their new play area along with a tree of life.  Little Tikes Commercial provided the play equipment in colors of tan, purple and green, and No Fault provided and installed 4,600 square feet of No Fault Safety Surface (poured-in-place rubber).  All three schools chose earth tone colors of terracotta red, blue, green and tan for the safety surfacing.

Hewlett Elementary School, Woodmere, New York

This school wanted a play area that matched their school motto, “Bridging the Gap”.  They chose a “Brooklyn Bridge” and sports theme.  The bright blue Little Tikes Commercial play equipment and our No Fault Safety Surface (installed just over 6,600 square feet) makes an attractive, winning combination!

Ogden Elementary School, Valley Stream, New York

The Principal wanted a “Central Park” type theme and look.  The Little Tikes Commercial play equipment includes two slides; one is a giant, bumpy, blue slide, and the other is a red, rapid slide.  The playground area also contains a climbing wall, shaky bridge, buddy benches, amphitheater, rotating wagon wheel and a new zipline which is what the whole school had been waiting for!  No Fault provided and installed just over 9,000 square feet of No Fault Safety Surface to complete the job.

The children at Ogden Elementary School are thrilled with their new playground which they are calling “Oggie’s Playground”!  There was so much excitement buzzing among the children over the new play area that school officials came up with a set of playground rules to help ensure safety for all users (these are good rules to be followed at all playgrounds).

Here are a few:

–              Never wear boots or sandals on the playground.

–              Never go under the zipline; it’s dangerous!

–              When on the blue or red slides or zipline, there should only be two people on the platform.

–              Don’t climb up the slides.

–              Only one person at a time is allowed on the shaky bridge.

  • Anthonia: “I like the new flooring on the playground because we don’t get rocks in our shoes anymore.” 
  • Johanna: “It feels like walking on a cloud.” 
  • Raphael: “I love the zip-line and slides.  Recess is awesome.” 
  • Yael: “I love the natural elements, like the tree trunks.” 
  • Mikaela: “It is so much better than the other playground because it has more slides, a zip line and there are mats.” 
  • Lia: “I like this playground because there is a theatre that I can make shows with and for my friends.” 
  • Kourtney: “I like the wagon wheel because you can spin really fast on it.” 
  • Brendan: “The monkey bars are fun to go on.”
  • Daniella: “Last year the zip line wasn’t safe but this year you can sit or stand on the zip line.” 
  • Phillip: “When I get on our playground, I feel overwhelmed with joy.  I’m excited to try out all of the slides, monkey bars and best of all – the zip line!” 
  • Julia: “I like the floor on our playground – No rocks in our shoes. The slides are not boring and they curve. They are very fast and fun.”

Are you constructing a new playground?  Would you like to use the latest, most innovative and colorful play equipment, as well as a rubber safety surfacing that will ensure the safety of the children who enjoy it?  Contact No Fault today!  Our knowledgeable sales associates can help you create the playground of your dreams!

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