No Fault Project Spotlight – The Henry Ford Museum – Greenville Village Playground, Dearborn, Michigan

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The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village is a large indoor and outdoor history museum complex.  It’s also a National Historic Landmark in Dearborn, Michigan. No Fault supplied and installed the original rubber safety surfacing for the 10,000 square foot playground called Donald F. Kosch Village Playground in Greenville Village when it first opened.  This is a unique and exciting playground that was designed to resemble a 1930’s construction site, and is accessible to children of all abilities. No Fault was delighted to complete the resurfacing of this exciting playground with No Fault Safety Surface in 100% brown/tan hues in 2019.

The playground includes an interactive steam shovel where children can play with the levers inside or dig in the sand located at the bottom of the steam shovel’s bucket.

The site also includes a rock climbing wall, a water tower, swings, an interactive boiler feature, a cement mixer and two actual artifacts – a 1931 Ford Model AA truck and a 20-foot boiler tunnel that originally sat near the Armington and Sims Machine Shop inside Greenfield Village.

Since our No Fault Safety Surface is a slip-resistant, unitary surface, children of all abilities can step back in time and enjoy this exciting and imaginative playground, mobility devices included.

Are you in the market for a new playground?  Need some ideas for the design to make it safe and include a theme? Contact No Fault so we can assist you. Besides our No Fault Safety Surface (poured-in-place rubber), we can provide bonded and loose-fill rubber mulch, rubber tiles and synthetic play turf to meet your playground needs.

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