No Fault represents Corkeen, the innovative and ecological solution for children’s playgrounds

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No Fault is now an official representative of the Corkeen brand and its exclusive system. No Fault will be able to certify their own installers, ensuring great quality when installing Corkeen system within this geographic territory.

Sustainable, safe, and fully accessible, Corkeen is a revolutionary solution for the construction of fall protection systems for children’s playgrounds, composed of cork—a 100% natural, renewable and recyclable material.

Produced and developed by Amorim, world leader in the cork industry, Corkeen emerges as an eco-friendly alternative to existing accessible solutions composed entirely of materials of synthetic origin.

This innovative surfacing system for playgrounds complies with EN1176 and EN1177 standards and has been designed so that all children can play safely.

Corkeen does not contain toxic or chemical substances such as heavy metals, EDCs, TVOCs, formaldehyde, or PAHs, making it a completely safe system for children. It is also environmentally friendly, since it does not contain rubber or plastic granules.

Compared to solutions composed of rubber (EPDM and/or SBR)—materials traditionally used as safety surfacing—Corkeen system presents a significantly higher drainage capacity. Given the natural features of cork, Corkeen also has a great capacity for thermal insulation, thereby permitting lower temperature accumulation at the surface.

Inclusion is also a special feature of this revolutionary system. Compared to surfaces composed of loose materials (such as sand, bark, and wood chips), Corkeen system guarantees total accessibility, even for children and parents with reduced mobility, allowing playtime and happiness without any limits.

The installation is done in situ, which allows the implementation of even the most complex landscape modelling.

Corkeen is a brand by Amorim, a company with 150 years of history in the cork industry and which is constantly committed to innovation and sustainability.

For more information, contact:
Bill Short, Corkeen National Account Director

Carlos Duarte, Corkeen CEO
P: +351 227 475 300

About No Fault:
Founded in 1974, No Fault started off as a tennis courts and competitive tracks construction company. Athletic (synthetic) surfacing provided the basis for No Fault’s development of the first poured-in-place safety surface designed specifically for playgrounds in the United States.

About Amorim Group:
Amorim is the largest cork processing group in the world. Founded in 1870, the company now has dozens of business units spread across five continents. It exports numerous products to more than 100 countries, and has a diversified network of 27,000 customers.

Basing its performance on strong sustainability credentials with a negative carbon footprint, Amorim provides a set of solutions, materials and articles for some of the most technological, disruptive and demanding activities on the planet; examples include the aerospace, automotive, construction, sports, energy and interior design industries, as well as wine, sparkling wines and spirits.

Currently under the leadership of the family’s fourth generation, who cultivate the values of longevity, ambition, pride, attitude and passion, which have always remained the same during 150 years of successful history, the company actually invests millions of euros in R&D+I, accomplishes 93% of its sales outside of Portugal, and employs more than 4,400 staff.

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