No Fault Safety Surface Is Not Just For Playgrounds!

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Here at No Fault Surfaces, we are always talking about playground safety. After all, the complete No Fault Safety Surface System is designed to provide a resilient, porous and unitary playground safety surface. We believe that it’s the best rubber surface available for fall protection and ADA accessibility.

However … Let’s not forget that No Fault Safety Surface is a multi-purpose application. That means it’s not just for playgrounds! Indeed, its versatility makes it a great choice for playgrounds, splash pads, walking tracks, and perhaps a few things that you haven’t even considered.

If you need a durable, attractive surfacing material for indoors or outdoors, No Fault Safety Surface just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What’s It Made Of?

No Fault Safety Surface is a unique combination of synthetic EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer) or TPV rubber granules (thermoplastic vulcanizate). A cushion layer of shredded recycled rubber goes on the outside. This “wear layer” is available in a wide variety of colors—you even have the option to create fun theme-shaped designs.

The EPDM or TPV components are held together with a polyurethane binder. No Fault Safety Surface is poured on-site by our professional technicians, giving you a unitary surface for endless applications. We install almost anywhere in the country, and our product is backed by a full warranty.

Okay … So Why Is No Fault Safety Surfacing Good For Playgrounds?

Our poured-in-place rubber playground surface provides critical fall height protection for children on playgrounds. This means the shock-absorbing properties of No Fault Safety Surface can help disperse the momentum of a falling body or head, thus reducing the risk of life-threatening injuries.

As the originator of the poured-in-place playground surface, No Fault’s clients include many park and recreation departments across the country. Our innovative surfacings have helped to create safer playground environments around the globe.

Sounds Good, But Didn’t You Say It’s Not Just For Playgrounds?

To get some ideas on the wide range of applications for which our products have been used look at some of our recent non-playground projects. For example, The San Bernardino Juvenile Detention Center in San Bernardino, California used our colorful poured-in-place rubber surface to repurpose their outdoor basketball and tennis courts.

Speaking of basketball courts, here’s another one where our “PIP” rubber surfacing is making the game easier on players’ knees and reducing the risk of injuries from falls:

Are you thinking of building an all-inclusive, adaptive baseball/softball field fully accessible to players with and without disabilities? No Fault can help! Here are some pictures of accessible baseball fields that No Fault provided and installed our rubber surfacing for:

Take a look at our No Fault Safety Surface that we custom installed for decorative “knee walls” for a pool area in New Haven, Indiana. (A “knee wall” is a short wall, typically less than three feet in height, used to support structures.) Our customer loves it!

No Fault Safety Surface also makes excellent residential pool decking, as you can see at this installation we did at a private residence in Louisville, Kentucky:

No Fault partnered with Heartland Park & Recreation to provide and install all-black rubber surfacing for the Centerville Walking Track in Centerville, Texas. The results are outstanding!

And what do you think the folks at the Entergy Riverbend Firing Range in St. Francisville, Louisiana selected for their flooring material? You guessed it! No Fault Safety Surface!

As you can see, there are virtually endless applications for indoor and outdoor safety surfacing. It’s soft under your feet while remaining durable and weatherproof. Contact us today so we can assist you with your upcoming flooring projects. 

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