Playgrounds Spring to Life with Creative Surfacing Designs!

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Whether you are remodeling a playground or designing a new one, there should be one thing on your mind – SAFETY.

But if you ask the children what should be the biggest consideration, they’ll probably say: Make sure it’s fun!

In case you have not noticed, most children become bored easily. They need something new and engaging to hold their interest.

If you’re imagining an exciting playground for children, try using our No Fault Safety Surface, which can include different colors in the layout, as well as inlaid designs to enhance your theme.  Our poured-in-place rubber surfacing is not only safe, but it allows you to build a playground with more personality including brighter colors and engaging shapes.  It can be incorporated with your equipment to provide an overall theme enhancing the imaginative play experience for children.

A themed playground is perfect for capturing the imaginative spirit and gives children a space to embark upon their own make-believe adventures. Here are some exciting playground design ideas that are guaranteed to make your playground as fun and as safe as possible.

Forest / WildernessTheme

Shawme-Cromwell State Forest in Sandwich, Massachusetts wanted a forest/ wilderness theme for their new playground.  No Fault partnered with John Hollerbach of Creative Recreation who provided the woodsy-looking Miracle playground equipment along with a giant replica of a snake!  At least this snake does not bite!  We installed our No Fault Safety Surface in attractive blue and green colors to brighten up the look and provide the feel of water and land.



Tropical Theme

Our customer at Hickory Lane Park in the Village of Jackson, Wisconsin wanted a playground to complement their existing tropical themed splash pad, and a modern safety surface that was accessible to children of all abilities. Ericka Steltz of Northland Recreation provided Little Tikes Commercial equipment in bright colors including palm tree post toppers.  We provided and installed our No Fault Safety Surface with in-laid designs that depict water and waves, islands with palm trees, and lots of friends to the ocean like sea turtles, octopus, fish and more!



Beach / Beach Ball Theme

What beach would be complete without a “beach ball”?!  Our customer at Liberty Lagoon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana wanted a colorful beach ball pattern in several areas on their splash pad play area to add an element of fun.  We installed our No Fault Safety Surface in a spectrum of colors so vivid, the beach balls appear to be three-dimensional!


Geometric Shapes Theme 

Using brightly colored geometric shapes is a great way to enhance the playground surfacing to make it more fun for children!  We partnered with Jason Corbett of Little Tikes Greater Boston Area to install our No Fault Safety Surface with colorful inlaid circles and squares in teal, blue and light green at The Eliot School in Boston, Massachusetts.  It was exactly what our customer wanted, and the children love it!



The playground themes mentioned above are just a few of the endless possibilities when using our No Fault Safety Surface!

Our No Fault team is experienced in developing all kinds of themed and designer playgrounds, fully complying with the latest safety “best practices” to ensure your children are protected from serious injuries in their play.

For assistance in planning your next colorful, themed playground, contact No Fault today.  We can make your playground dreams a reality!

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