Rain or Shine, Shades Have Your Play Area Covered!

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All too often, canopies and shade structures are an afterthought. So much time is spent designing a playground, choosing the right equipment, and finding the rubber surfacing to keep children safe, that not much thought (or budget) goes into what should cover the playground area. 

Shade structures add protection, visual appeal and value to any space, so don’t forget about them!

These covers come in sturdy powder-coated frames, colorful fabric canopies, and sizes and shapes that perfectly match your play environment. But it turns out, they aren’t just for looks. They’re also the first step to reducing risk and protecting your investment.

Block UV Rays 

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Playground Equipment

Today’s functional, durable and beautiful shade installations can be custom-designed for every need. One of the most important needs is helping to protect children from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

Children can be obstinate about using sunscreen, so you have to be proactive about shielding them from mother nature’s harsh outdoor elements. Shades help keep everyone cool. They can also help prevent sunburns, heat exhaustion and other sun-related ailments. One blistering sunburn can increase a child’s risk of getting skin cancer later in life.

During the hot summer months, the risk of burns from exposure to the sun increases. Older playgrounds in particular may have bare metal climbing structures and metal slides that get blazing hot in the sunshine—even on a temperate day!

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that one child received second-degree burns from a slide when the temperature outside was only 74 degrees. A well-designed covering would have made this highly unlikely.

Remember: Outdoor shade structures aren’t just for playgrounds! Placing them over benches and picnic tables can help keep families and caregivers cool while the children play.  

Extend Outdoor Time 

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Protect Your Investment

Adding shade to your recreational space, play area or other outdoor space can help protect playground equipment or any other assets on your property from sun damage.

In addition to cooling the playground, shade structures can increase the life of the playground equipment. Shades and canopies help protect equipment against fading and cracking that happens from sun exposure over time. When plastic is overheated, warping and cracking will occur, which creates a hazard for children at play.

Take it from us, using an overhead shade can help keep No Fault products, as well as your playground equipment, looking great and working optimally for years to come. 

USA Shade & Fabric Structures is a great source to use when purchasing shade structures for your playground, aquatic and athletic areas to name a few. Check out their website for more information.


Are you guilty of forgetting what goes overhead? 

Modern shading solutions are designed to look great while providing functionality. High-quality fabric and other materials ensure years of use and sun protection in many types of weather.  

Here at No Fault, we can answer your questions about playground design, renovating and updating old play areas, and more—including sending you referrals for some of the best shade manufacturers in the business. Call us today, and we’ll be glad to help!

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