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Our Playground Landscape Design Options

In the world of playground landscape design, safety and aesthetics go hand in hand. As a top-tier safety surface company, we at No Fault Surfaces have developed a reputation for providing innovative solutions that meet your unique needs as a landscape architect.

Playgrounds need visual appeal and function. We offer a wide range of surfacing options for playground landscape design to help you bring your vision to life, whatever it may be. Our surfacing for playgrounds includes: 

  • Playground safety surfacing: Poured-in-place rubber playground safety surfacing from No Fault Surfaces lets you create one-of-a-kind designs and patterns. Its unitary construction leaves no seams, making it more accessible for kids and caregivers using mobility devices.
  • Synthetic turf: Our synthetic turf surfacing offers a lush, realistic appearance, providing a natural aesthetic for playground designs.
  • Water play surfacing: Our water play surfacing is ideal for incorporating engaging water features into playground designs. You can add slip-resistance and creative designs to splash pads, water jets or interactive fountains that captivate kids’ imaginations.
  • Multipurpose surfacing: This impact-absorbing surfacing is ideal for various areas of the playground, including walkways, ball fields, gathering spaces and seating areas. The material allows for creative design and promotes easier navigation for people using mobility devices.
  • Loose rubber mulch: Our loose rubber mulch offers excellent fall protection, making it an ideal choice for playground areas with elevated structures or climbing elements. You can pair it with our timbers to create unique landscape designs while keeping the mulch contained.
  • Bonded rubber mulch: Our naturally colored bonded rubber mulch offers similar benefits to loose mulch with the added advantage of a more stable, compact surface.

Why Choose No Fault Surfaces?

Our surfacing adheres to industry safety standards to help you meet your goals and requirements for playground landscape design projects. Work with No Fault Surfaces to benefit from:

  • Versatility: Our synthetic turf and multipurpose surfacing options are versatile for easy integration with a variety of design concepts. These surfaces allow for flexible, creative playground designs that align with the overall vision of your project.
  • Customization options: We provide a range of customization options. Whether it’s selecting colors and patterns or incorporating logos, you can personalize your safety surfacing to reflect the specific theme or branding of the playground project.
  • Durability: Our bonded rubber mulch and ball fields are built to withstand heavy use and changing weather conditions. This durability ensures that playground surfacing maintains its integrity over time, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.
  • Easy maintenance: Set your clients up with playground surfacing that requires minimal upkeep, freeing time and resources for other aspects of maintaining the play area.
  • Enhanced play experiences: You can incorporate our safety surfacing into your designs to add water features and other exciting elements that will draw visitors to the playground and keep them coming back.

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