Military Base Safety Surfacing

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Safety Surfacing for Military Bases

At No Fault Surfaces, we understand the unique requirements of military bases — and we offer a wide range of innovative solutions to meet them.

Your military base is a high-security environment that demands the utmost attention to safety and performance. Every aspect of the infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and operational efficiency of personnel and equipment. Safety surfacing is essential when so much is at stake.

school playground with safety surfacing

Enhancing Safety and Performance

Each option in our range of safety surfacing has its own advantages. Learn more about our surfacing solutions and their compatibility with your military base’s requirements:

  • Synthetic turf: This surfacing replicates the feel and performance of natural grass.
  • Water play surfacingOur water play surfacing provides a slip-resistant environment for training where water is used. It offers secure footing and lowers the risk of slips and falls in aquatic training areas or recreational spaces.
  • Multipurpose surfacing: This option offers excellent shock absorption and slip resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of activities. Multipurpose surfacing is ideal for indoor and outdoor fitness areas, running tracks and courts.
  • Loose rubber mulch: Loose mulch offers a cushioned, impact-absorbing landing that is ideal for military obstacle courses. It’s also porous for excellent drainage and comes with a 10-year warranty against fading.
  • Bonded rubber mulch: This option provides the benefits of loose rubber mulch with a bonded surface for more stable, compact flooring. Bonded rubber mulch is suitable for high-traffic areas or spaces that require wheelchair accessibility.
  • Safety tiles: Tiles are a modular flooring solution that’s easy to install and replace as needed. They provide excellent impact absorption and slip resistance, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor training areas and sports courts.
  • Sport floor surfacing: These low- to no-maintenance options are ideal for indoor fitness areas like weight rooms. We offer them in the form of tiles or rolls for quick installation.
  • Playground surfacing: Poured-in-place safety surfacing is an ideal choice for community playgrounds on military bases. The installation process creates a durable attenuation layer capable of withstanding heavy traffic.

Why Choose No Fault Surfaces?

Our safety surface floors excel in impact absorption, helping to reduce the likelihood of sprains, strains and other injuries during rigorous training and other physical activities common on military bases.

Work with No Fault Surfaces to benefit from:

  • Slip resistance: Our surfacing is designed to provide excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions. This feature is vital for military bases where unpredictable weather or water-based training activities may increase the risk of slips and falls.
  • Durability and longevity: Military bases require flooring solutions that can withstand heavy use and retain their quality over time. Our safety surface floors are engineered using high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, equipment movement and intense physical activity.
  • Easy maintenance: Our surfacing is low-maintenance, supporting bases with demanding schedules and limited resources.

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