Safety Surfaces for Parks

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Playground at Augsburg Park in MN with safety surfacing

Outdoor Park Surfacing

Design your community’s outdoor play space to be both inclusive and safe with park safety surfacing. These coverings help promote higher safety by providing cushioning against falls

No Fault Surfaces is a premier provider of outdoor park flooring that can help you achieve your play space goals.

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Park Safety Surface Options

Our teams design and install various outdoor safety surfaces to meet your application’s needs, including:

  • Rubber safety surface: No Fault originated poured-in-place (PIP) rubber surfacing as a unitary, low-maintenance option for park flooring. These products use rubber granules and shredded rubber to produce a slip-resistant, shock-absorbing covering.
  • Loose rubber mulch: Nontoxic loose rubber mulch complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard F-1292. We’ve engineered it with an innovative color-saturation process and provide a 10-year warranty in the event of fading.
  • Bonded rubber mulch: Bonded rubber mulch combines part of the PIP process with rubber mulch shreds for a completely natural look and minimal upkeep needs. It’s fade-resistant and comes in four natural hues that mimic the textures and colors of shredded wood mulch.
water park pools with safety surfacing

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playground at Memorial Park in WI with formed in place playground surfaces

Why No Fault Surfaces?

Parks and recreations managers, school officials, representatives from churches and religious centers, and day care facilities continually trust No Fault Surfaces because:

  • Extensive industry experience: No Fault Surfaces has been a leading playground surfacing provider for almost five decades. Our sales representatives have an average of 15 years of service, giving them unparalleled product knowledge.
  • Deep industry networks: We’ve certified installation crews nationwide to promote accurate, professional installation for your park flooring. 
  • Offer many options: We understand project needs differ widely. We carry various solutions to meet your unique application requirements.
  • Premium-quality materials: No Fault Surfaces provides long-lasting flooring options capable of withstanding heavy traffic. All products are backed by industry-standard warranties providing increased customer confidence.
  • Achieve results: Our completed projects demonstrate the results we help achieve. The No Fault Surfaces options also meet strict ASTM International standards.
  • Support greener practices: Many of our products contain high amounts of recycled materials. Installing them may help you qualify for LEED credits!

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Investing in outdoor park surfacing from No Fault Surfaces can help you increase your area’s visual appeal and create more-inclusive play experiences. Reach out to us for a quote to help you create a personalized surfacing option for your project.

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