Church Playground Safety Surfacing

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Our Range of Safety Surfacing

At No Fault Surfaces, we have a deep understanding of the unique needs of playgrounds for places of worship. Support the youngest members of your congregation with surfacing solutions that prioritize safety during play without compromising on style.

At worship center playgrounds, durability and safety start at the ground level. We offer a range of surfacing solutions with unique benefits:

  • Playground safety surfacing: Our poured-in-place rubber playground safety surfacing offers critical fall height protection and guideline-compliant accessibility. We can help you customize it with creative designs for more visual appeal.
  • Synthetic turf: Our synthetic turf offers a look and feel similar to natural grass, seamlessly blending with outdoor surroundings while absorbing more impact and providing extra cushion. The durability and UV resistance of this surfacing makes it an excellent choice for outdoor playgrounds.
  • Water play surfacingOur water play surfacing offers slip-resistant properties and efficient drainage. If your playground features water elements for warm-weather play, this surfacing option is ideal.
  • Multipurpose surfacing: Our multipurpose surfacing is versatile for use throughout your facility’s playground area. From entrances and walkways to ball fields, these surfaces absorb impact and contribute to a welcoming play space.
  • Loose rubber mulch: Our loose rubber mulch surfacing offers excellent fall protection, making it ideal for creating soft landing areas around playground equipment. Rubber mulch also offers effective drainage and a natural appearance.
  • Bonded rubber mulch: This option provides similar benefits to loose rubber mulch, but with a bonded surface that’s more stable. Our bonded rubber mulch is durable and low-maintenance, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas at faith-based playgrounds.
  • Safety tiles: These tiles are designed to absorb impact from tumbles. Safety tiles allow for a creative layout that aligns with the unique messaging and style of your place of worship.

How Our Products Enhance Safety at Worship Center Playgrounds

At No Fault Surfaces, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of original, effective and long-lasting surfacing solutions. Choose our safety surfacing to benefit from:

  • Fall protection: Our surfacing offers cushioning and impact absorption, facilitating safer and more comfortable play for the kids in your congregation.
  • Simple maintenance: Our products are low-maintenance and easy to clean when dirt, spills and debris make an appearance.
  • Durability: We design surfacing engineered to withstand constant use and all kinds of weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting playground solution for your worship center.

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