Jogging & Walking Tracks 

Indoor or outdoor facilities, No Fault provides a system to meet athletic performance with durability.

No Fault Safety Surface for jogging and walking tracks is comprised of EPDM or TPV rubber granules and polyurethane binder and is professionally installed with a single pour system.  Our product is hand-troweled using a screed rod to provide a resilient unitary rubber surface with a consistent depth throughout.

The result is a highly durable, permeable, slip-resistant surface providing cushion-like comfort in an unconventional pallet of colors combinations.

Running Tracks

We offer two complete running track systems in the Gulf South area:

Latex: This is a four (4) layer system with each layer of EPDM rubber granules evenly graded and bound with fortified latex binders. Regulation lines (white).

Polyurethane: This system is comprised of a polyurethane bound black rubber base mat layer and two (2) structural coatings of polyurethane based pigmented binder and encapsulated pigmented EPDM rubber granules for a depth of 3/8”. Regulation lines (white).

No Fault Track Color Choices

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